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BIOMIQC chiller bath is design to handle External cooling temperature tasks. We used environment friendly R134a/R404a refrigerant compressor. unit made for routing temperature cooling task used in R&D centers, Pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and chemical research institutes.

Parameter Unit
Working Temperature Range &degC Ambient to -10&degC
Capacity L 10
Temperature Display Resolution &degC 1
Temperature Stability &degC ± 2
External Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 480x 600x 580
Bath Opening (LxWxH) mm 110x 90 x150
Pump flow LPM 13
Cooling R404a/ R134a (CFC free gas)
Electrical Rating 230 V AC, 10 A, 50Hz
Bath Circulation pump internal magnetic Pump
Pump out Nozzle Size in mm 8 mm
Compressor Safety feature compressor ON start delay
Accessories under FOC insulated silicon tubing(Qty.2 & 1 meter each)
Cooling capacity watt 500watt at +20℃ 300watt at +5℃